After growing up in Saskatchewan, Colette moved to Edmonton to obtain a BPA in Criminal Justice where she currently resides with her husband Gary, their son Aiden and puppy Oola. She has lived with a chronic illness since she was 15 and with that came many challenges and loss in her life. These circumstances led her on a journey of self-discovery where she realized that doing what you love is the key to happiness. Colette is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ®.  She is heart centred and passionate about helping others truly live a life they love. She believes in the importance of going after your dreams and doing what you love because you only get one life to live.


Gary is originally from Newfoundland and spent his early childhood in Alberta before moving to Saskatchewan where he lived until 1998. At this time, he found himself back on Alberta soil and has been a Police Officer serving the community for over 20 years. He is also an International Best Selling Author, Licensed Agent in the Financial Services Industry and Peer Support Facilitator for OSI-CAN Alberta, a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association.



Owners of Benoit Wellness Consulting and Founders of the Front-Line Resiliency Project they are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. They have been together in the front line for over 18 years, they have seen many trying things and been involved in very difficult situations. They truly understand the importance of conscious living and that every day you get the opportunity to choose how you live. They believe that a strong foundation, having a resilient mind, a positive support system of people around you and a balance that reduces daily stress, will help strengthen you physically, emotionally and mentally.


Gary and Colette Benoit

Edmonton, Alberta​

t. 780.916.7734​

e. benoitwellnessconsulting@gmail.com


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