May 20, 2020 7:00 p.m. (Online)



Join us the 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8:00 p.m. via Zoom 

$5.00 per ticket. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Edmonton Food Bank.

To purchase your ticket through Eventbrite, please click here.

What you can expect:

You will hear from a different guest speaker each month who will share their stories and experiences. As well, participants are encouraged to share and connect and build relationships and connections.

It is a night with no expectations, just a safe space for us to connect. 

Inspired By:

Jocelyn Davison and her series of events called Elevate. Elevate is a community looking to elevate one another, elevate their skills, elevate their community, and elevate their lives to a new level. Through support and collaboration with like-minded people and community initiatives, we will elevate our impact on the business community in Edmonton.

An evening to bring together those working the front line, to talk, listen, share, and connect.

As members working the front-line and supporters of these members, we have a unique thread that links us all together and there is a powerful strength that happens when we come together and build relationships with one another. 

~ Are you a member of the front-line?

~ Are you a family member or close friend of someone on the front-line?

~ Are you looking to connect with others?

~ Looking to share your story and feel heard and supported?

~ Feeling alone and like nobody understands what you are going through?

Guest Speaker: Dr. Dave Kirschner

(E.R. Doctor)

Dave will be sharing his story on achieving his M.D. all while being a husband and father of 5. He will share how faith played an important role in his life during this time, and how it continues to be a fundamental part of their family. 

Dave Kirschner is a husband first, father second, and all the rest is a distant third. Dave woke up one day when he was 18 and decided, “I think I wanna be an ER doc.”

15 years later, he got that piece of paper that confirmed that he kinda knew what an ER doc should know. During those 15 years, he and his wife moved numerous times, had 5 children, and lived the life they knew they always could: a mixture of average, awful, and awesome.

4 years into practice, they decided to pull the plug on the life they knew in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and uprooted their family for the adventure of a lifetime (or at least of that decade). They joined a Christian missionary/humanitarian organization and spent some time growing as a family, in their faith, and as part of the world.

They relocated to Edmonton after this 5-month trip, and haven’t looked back. He is currently enjoying turning an abandoned farm just outside Redwater, Alberta, into his own personal retreat. He now has a cabin, a couple of minibikes, and a fistful of memories already.


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