"I did not believe I had any grief in my life, walked away swept under the rug"

I participated in an eight- week Grief Recovery Workshop with the facilitator, Colette Benoit. Walking into the workshop, I did not believe I had any grief in my life, unaware of so many losses I’ve experienced, walked away from and swept under the rug. Colette guided us through a series of exercises revealing how grief has held me back in several areas of my life and kept me from developing intimate relationships.


The pace of the workshop was perfect, with plenty of time to work through our assignments. While Colette is highly professional and organized in her delivery as a facilitator, she is a warm and genuine coach. I am grateful to have had the Grief Recovery experience and will continue to practice the techniques I learned. I would highly recommend Colette as a life and grief coach and this workshop to anyone struggling with loss.


~ Shauna ~

"You made me feel safe, comfortable and seen"

Before doing the Grief Program I didn’t realize I had any. I though that grief was reserved for those who had lost someone in their lives and I hadn’t. I was quickly educated on grief and was blown away at how I had been approaching loss in my life. Colette is such a compassionate facilitator she showed me that I had infant gone through Grief in other ways and that there was a proven method in moving through it.

I am so grateful for this program, it has helped me approach my relationships in a whole new way, and heal myself from past traumas. Thank you so much Colette for being such an amazing facilitator, you made me feel safe, comfortable and seen.


~ Delain ~