The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre 

#1, 9363 50 ST. Edmonton, Alberta


At The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre, we are a team of warm and compassionate therapists who share a deep passion for helping children,

adolescents, and adults move beyond the pain caused by grief and trauma of any kind.


Whether you’ve experienced a death, divorce, loss of health, loss of trust, unmet hopes and dreams, or any of the other over 40 losses that can

create the feelings of grief, we have the tangible tools to support you in moving forward in a healthy and meaningful way.


We specialize in evidence-informed, practice-based methods that successfully facilitate healing and recovery from painful and traumatic experiences,

including The Grief Recovery Method® and EMDR Therapy.


We’ve experienced the transformative power of these methods in our own lives and in the lives of the thousands of people we have served since 2013.

We feel honoured to share the very same tools with you, that have healed our hearts after loss.

An OSI/PTSI Support initiative for:

Military Members/Veterans.

Peace Officers


Corrections Officers


Front-line Hospital Staff

Police Officers


OSI-CAN is a community-based peer support initiative providing free, confidential, lived experience peer support services for those who protect us.

For more information contact us at or at

Legacy Place Society

25207 Bearspaw Place Calgary, Alberta


Supporting First Responders, Veterans and Military Personnel through:


  • Providing a confidential crisis response by telephone that facilitates connection to professional and peer support.

  • Providing confidential and safe transitional housing (individually or as a family) for their well-being, security and access to professional support, so that they can recover quickly from a broad range of serious difficulties.

First Responder Family Wellness Center

2nd Floor, 4920 50th Avenue Olds, Alberta


First Responder Family Wellness Center provides quality online counselling, coaching, support programs and education in a user friendly format to First Responder Families. Services include:

Trauma therapy onsite in Olds, Alberta 

EMDR, TF-CBT, SandTray and Trauma Yoga

Online counselling and coaching to First Responder Spouses 

Online Support & Education Programs for First Responder Families.

Christine offers private sessions, group sessions, classes, workshops and retreats to help you gain clarity. She uses intuitive guidance, offers messages through transformational cellular healing, mediumship, and more -  together we will ignite change and transformation, allowing you to step fully into your own amazing life!

Transformational Cellular Healing

Reiki | Mediumship

Meditation Classes

Intuitive Consulting and Development

The Taylor Way - A Head Start

Having survived and thrived through everything from eating disorders, suicide attempts, brain aneurysms, anxiety, depression, Dawn is a firm believer that you can take control over your life and make it what you want it. Whether you need coaching for emotional trauma, relationships or business her unconventional strategy-based style coaching and her blunt honesty, the Ass Kicker, Hope Giver will challenge your thinking and broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results.


Corby Furrow
Advanced to Accredited & Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping is an evidence-based modality that helps people transform their experience of stress and emotional upset to calm, freedom and possibilities.

Using EFT results in changes in the brain, DNA expression, hormone production,  brain waves and much more in a very short time period. 

 Just one hour of EFT with a qualified Practitioner can reduce symptoms of stress by 45%.

The Virtual Effect

Impact events will bring you purposeful discussion on important topics, including Mental Health and Human Trafficking, wrapped in a beautiful evening out. 

When people know better they do better and it is with that belief that the commitment to impact events began. 

We all know that knowledge is power, so what better way to educate ourselves than in a safe space surrounded by inspiring people and topic authorities. 

Impact events happen quarterly and are open to everyone, all ages, all genders are welcome!


Gary and Colette Benoit

Edmonton, Alberta​

t. 780.916.7734​



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