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Making the Most of your Marble

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I had a moment a few days ago that made me reflect on a number of different things. A good friend of mine was dealing with the loss of his brother. I had spent some time with my friend and his brother they were very close and really fun to hang out with. His brother was diagnosed with cancer and fought a good fight but in the end lost that fight. It is a sad time for my friend and to show support for him and his family I found myself inside a church at the funeral. It had been a while since I sat in a church and as I sat there I was listening to the kind words being spoke about him and the gospel being read, along with his eulogy. There was one thing that stood out and it hit me like a punch to the gut, the person giving the eulogy said he had worked very hard to build a new home in the Philippines but never had the chance to truly enjoy it due to losing his battle with cancer.

Right away I was taken to the mental image of my marble sitting in between the two other jars of marbles. One side half full of the ones I've used already and the other the ones yet to be used. Now, this may seem very confusing or weird but it truly is not that weird or confusing. What is for me is a visual representation for my life. Everyone is given a finite time here on earth and we truly never know when our time will come to an end. On average men live about 80 years and women live 84. So, all we get is 80 marbles to use and then our time is done. Right now, I have used half of my marbles and have 39 left to use and the one sitting in the middle is the one I am using this year.

​​Essentially each marble represents a year of time and it is really important that we make the most of the time that we have. We have to make the most of our marble.Then my thoughts went to my dad. He is having trouble with a prosthesis in his leg from a hip replacement and he now requires another surgery to fix the broken piece of metal in is leg. As I thought about him I thought about his dream for retirement that has included going home back to Newfoundland in the summer an enjoying the fishing from his boat and the time at his cabin in the woods that sits on the edge of the bay. I want him to have a full and long and happy retirement but this puts a bit of a damper on the plan for at least this year, so I prayed for him at that moment for a swift surgery date so he can move forward with his dream.

Then I thought about me, and how I am living and how am I making the most of my life. I don't want to wait till "it’s the right time" or to put things off to another year because fear is creeping in, or when something new and uncomfortable shows up as an opportunity in my life, because maybe today is all I've got and I sure do not want any regrets when my time is up. I want to leave a great legacy behind for my son and I want to be present in this moment. I want to show up as the best version of myself every day. I want to treat each day as a gift to be grateful for. This doesn't mean I am going to not go to work or do the things that is required of me. But what it means is I am going to treat people with kindness, stand up for what is right, help those that I can and be happy and grateful for all things in my life, good and bad. If you are reading this and think what is the point of this babbling..lol! I want you to make the most of your marble!!!.And hopefully show all of us that we as people in this life can be better and happy and to live the life that we were all designed for. 

I don't want you to put your dreams on hold and let life happen to you by thinking things and saying things like; Ya one day maybe I'll do that; or When I am more financially stable I'll do that; or when things are more comfortable then Ill be ready; not right now or maybe later. The "thing" that you want could be as simple as learning to play the guitar, or meeting an old friend for coffee, doing a blog post, or having a date with your wife, or spending that Saturday hangout with your family. Or it could be planning to take that trip you always wanted and starting a savings jar to do it! 

In the last four years I have really worked hard to see opportunities where I have never seen them before, I have worked to fill my life with gratitude, and tried to be the best version of myself. It has not been easy but it has been worth it. I have cultivated new friendships and have strengthened the ones I already have. I am making the most of my marble! So, If you have read this far down the page I am going to leave you with a challenge. I challenge you for One month find 3 things you are grateful for each day, show up in the moment (which means put your phone down when your speaking with people and/or family), and do one thing new or re-start something you stopped doing. Then take notice about how you are feeling I promise it will be worth it. 

~ Gary ~