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Have you had a Goal or New Years Resolution that has failed?



1. You set UNREALISTIC GOALS. Many people make unrealistic goals or goals that are too big and they feel defeated before they even start.

2. Our society has become that of INSTANT GRATIFICATION. People can be too impatient and want it all right now.

3. Some people don’t believe in themselves even before they start. SELF SABOTAGE can destroy your goals.

4. FEAR. People can be afraid of change, afraid of starting something new or joining a new group.

5. You forget to track your progress. How do you know if you have progressed if you don’t know where you started?

6. You keep your goals to yourself. You may feel that your goals are silly or you are afraid to share them with family, friends, teachers or coaches.

SO HOW DO WE MAKE New Year’s Resolution or GOALS stick?

Follow these steps to CRUSH your 2019 goals!

1. Follow the SMARTFormat:

SPECIFIC (Set specific goals. If you want to start saving money, your goal would be “I want to put $50 into my savings every pay check)

MEASURABLE (Your goal has to be able to be measured. So, if you want to lose 10 lbs you can check that on a scale)

ACCOUNTABLE (Share your goals with close friends and family who will hold you to them. If you tell someone about your goal your chance of accomplishing that goal increases significantly)

REALISTIC (Your goals have to be realistic. If you want to pay off a $20,000 loan and you give yourself 2 weeks or even a month you could be setting yourself up for failure. At the beginning start small. When you achieve these small goals, it will boost your confidence and give you motivation to set another goal. We all love to succeed so why make an unrealistic goal of running a marathon in 2 months if you have never run before.)

TIME (Your goal has to be linked to time. By attaching an end date, you have a time frame to complete your goal in)

1. Practice GRATITUDE daily. Start and end your day in gratitude. Find gratitude not only in the good things but in the bad things as well. There is always something.

2. Know your WHY. Dig deep and find out why. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you want to be physically active with your kids or do you want to lower your blood pressure? Why do you want to be debt free? Is it because you want the freedom to travel the world or do you want to give back to a charity?

3. ENJOYthe process. If you hate running don’t choose that as your exercise to lose weight. Try different things and find an exercise you love to do. It will make working out much more enjoyable.

4. Take ACTION. Some of us are perfectionists and want to research every possible way to do something. There comes a point though when you need to just START. Take that leap and just do it! You can read every article on losing weight but you won’t lose any if you don’t get out from behind your computer and get active. You may want to spend more time doing fun activities with your kids but if you don’t schedule it in your calendar and do it you won’t have those memories with them.

GOOD LUCK in 2019!